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Testosterone Suspension Dosage


Although Testosterone Suspension is not the most popular variant of Testosterone, it holds a certain amount of favorability among a niche group of athletes and bodybuilders that enjoy its use. Testosterone Suspension is actually the least popular among the four most popular variants of Testosterone (Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate, and Testosterone Suspension). Those who immensely enjoy it do so because of the Testosterone Suspension dosage being of much higher potency and faster action than all other forms of Testosterone. The administration of Testosterone Suspension doses initially among the medical establishment proved to be troublesome, as the Testosterone Suspension injections are known to be very painful and irritating to the injection site, and the requirement of very frequent injections were not very convenient for most patients.

The use of Testosterone Suspension doses for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement tend to be even more troublesome for most users, as even more frequent injections of a given Testosterone Suspension dosage are required so as to maintain stable and steady optimal blood plasma levels. Because the half-life of Testosterone Suspension is so short, and the requirement is at least one injection per day (ideally, multiple daily injections are required), many are turned off from its use. This is why many anabolic steroid users, especially beginners, will opt for the long estered Testosterone variants (such as Enanthate and Cypionate), as they exhibit a much longer half-life and require far less frequent administration. The benefit of any given administration of a Testosterone Suspension dosage is that it is pretty much immediately active in the human body once administered, resulting in rapid rises to optimal peak blood plasma levels.

As previously mentioned in the introduction, it is important for all readers to understand that a given Testosterone Suspension dosage contains far more pure and active Testosterone per mg of injection than any other forms of Testosterone. Therefore, the Testosterone Suspension dosage required to elicit positive effects on performance and physique enhancement might not always necessarily have to be as high of a dosage as other Testosterone preparations. To give an example and comparison, the following is a list of approximate amounts of pure Testosterone contained in a given amount of the four most popular Testosterone preparations:

100mg Testosterone Suspension (un-esterified Testosterone) = 100mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Propionate = 80mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Enanthate = 70mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Cypionate = 69mg Testosterone

Medical Testosterone Suspension Dosage

Clinically and medically, the medical Testosterone Suspension dosage utilized for the purpose of the treatment of hypogonadism (insufficient androgen production) is that of 25mg administered 2 – 3 times per week.


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