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​How do I

place an order?

Order in 3 easy Steps!
1) Select required items. Add to shopping Cart / proceed to checkout
2) Fill in contact details and shipping address details
3) Submit order & await payment instructions via email

Order Status:

On Hold – Order has been placed, awaiting payment.

Pending – Payment has been submitted awaiting Collection.

Processing– Payment has been received.

Complete – Order has been shipped.

All orders MUST BE PLACED through the site shopping Cart, we do not accept orders Via email.

Automatic invoice emails will be sent to you upon submission of your order. If you do not receive this then your email provider has blocked our emails and you will need an alternative email address to process your order. We will leave a note on your account on how to do this within 24 hours so please check back within this time frame.

Please DO NOT use these email providers when placing an order or when contacting us.


Note: If you do not receive payment instructions from us within 24 hours please check your junk/spam folder or check your email provider is not on the list detailed above.



& Shipping

UK Domestic Shipping

UK Special Delivery Service- £7.00
All UK orders are shipped the same or next working day after payment has been received via Special Next Day delivery service. All UK orders, once posted, will arrive at your door the following working day. We DO NOT provide tracking numbers for UK orders, however we do keep a record of the tracking numbers in case any issues arise.

International Shipping

We ship Worldwide!


The following two options are available for International Shipping:

International Tracked-£10 (Includes Tracking Reference).


Estimated T/A:

Europe: 3-7 Working Days

North America: 5-10 working days

Rest of the World: 7-12 Working Days

We ship at your own risk! Under no circumstances do customers qualify for a reship! (See Terms & Conditions).

Packaging Information

All items are packaged discreetly and with special care for added protection.

Currency Exchange Rates

Please check online at a real-time portal for Currency Exchange Rates. Cost prices are subject to change in line with international currency rates without any further notice.


All orders MUST be paid for within 48 hours of ordering or your order will be cancelled. (See Terms & Conditions).

If you need more information on Payment please Contact us.

Shipping Information

When will my order be dispatched?

All items are dispatched the same day or next working day (within 12-24hrs of receiving payment)!

When are items Shipped?

We are open 7days a week. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday Excluding Bank Holidays and National Holidays!


Secure Ordering

& Payment Options

Payment Methods we offer:

UK Bank Transfer /Deposit (NO minimum)

UK Cash Deposit at Bank - Visit your local Branch and deposit the cash (Falls under Bank Transfer Option)

International Bank Transfer

Western Union & Money Gram - Payment instructions are sent manually. You will receive these instructions within 24 hours.

Bitcoin- WE ARE ACCEPTING NOW! (Now available at Checkout)


PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS are sent MANUALLY. You will receive these instructions within 24 HOURS.

*If you do not receive an invoice after you have placed your order this means you cannot receive our emails as you email provider is not compatible with our server( Remember to check your Junk/spam to make sure this isn’t the issue). You will have need to provide a different email address for the ordering processing and correspondence.

**PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS are subject to change frequently so please wait for our instructions before making payment.

***Please ensure to add our email to your contacts list: to ensure you receive our emails.


*****If you are unable to pay via these methods please email us & we will try to accommodate you.

NOTE : Western Union & Money Gram

If using Western Union or Money Gram as payment method, then please bear in mind that we may ask you to send the payment to another country other than the UK. This does not change the fact that the order will still be sent from within the UK. You cannot request which country the payment is sent to.

We Always advise using your real information when paying. In any event a payment issue arises, chances are you will not be able to get refunded if you purchased under a fake alias. Western Union or Money Gram receivers can get blocked/blacklisted from collecting payments at any time and we have no control over this. We regularly Change receiver names to decrease the chance of this from happening, but there is still a very small chance it could happen at any time.




Refunds & Returns

No refunds will be issued once payment has been received and products dispatched. Upon delivery you become the legal owners of the goods and these goods are not returnable. (See Terms & Conditions).

Customs Seizures:

In the unfortunate event of your Order being seized by customs we DO NOT take responsibility and we do not reship items.

At GEAR4GYM once an order is requested and dispatched we assume the correct details have been provided, we take no responsibility for miss deliveries and subsequent losses arising from the submission of incorrect shipping information. (See Terms & Conditions).

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